Monday, 14 September 2015

Sketches 31st July - 11th September

          Okay, first up, I'm very sorry about the delays. Life got very, very complicated very quickly, leading to me missing a lot of updates, and everything going to hell and back. Then I started a new job, and then things got worse (somehow), and now everythings gradually calming done. Except the 12 hour shifts at work - those just kinda suck.

Anyway, here's the last month's worth of stuff. As usual, anymissing dates are days spent animating.

31st July - 2nd August
Animation work! So, uh, nothing to see here. 
 3rd August: Sword design. Perspective gradually changes as the blade goes down. 

 4th August - random sketches. They all suck. That's all.

5th  August - random sketch. Nothing much to say. Just kind of flat and dull.
 6th August - painting practise. The brows too heavy, and the character's left eye is too flat.
 7th August - Lighting on the hair is terrible. Lighting in general is terrible. Brow more noticably bad. 

7th August pt2 - inital sketch for another painting piece. 

7th August pt3 - inital colours. I was already getting annloyed with this piece at this point. The armour was aggrivating me, and the arms always looked off to me.

 8th August - terrible pencil sketch. This was going to be a visualisation of an idea for a written piece, but I couldn't work it out in my mind.


 9th August - the moment I gave up on this image. It just looked terrible, so I just let it be.

 10th August - study on difference in character design in two seperate periods, with added rambling on the base of the page. 

 11th August - pose practise. That's all.

12th August - still working on the face of this character. Never seem to get it right.

13th, 14th, 15th August - animation frames. None to show. Sorry!

16th August - face practise. 

 17th August - redesigning armour. I've grown frustrated with the diamond armour, and needed to redesign it. Also, first day at work (properly)

 18th August - original sketch of a silent hill homage image - actual image below. The original image focused on Harry, with the monsters behind him. It changed in the second draft.
 18th August pt2 - actual Silent Hill sketch, focusing on Cheyrl sketching with Alessa and the monsters of Silent Hill behind her.

 18th August pt3  - monster design. This was done at work, and I gave up very early on. 

 19th August - rough for a Silent Hill 2 image that never got made.

 20th August- Face practise for a male character. Wasn't fond of it, and caused much amusement in the break room when I crossed it out. 

21st August - This was just a warmup, but I never did an actual drawing that day. It's not actually that bad, to be fair.

 22nd August - another warmup without an actual drawing. Eyes are off level here. 

 23rd August - painting practise. Really should finish this, it's not that bad. Head is oddly shaped though.
 24th August - just a sketch pose. 

 25th August - very basic, simple sketch. Sorry for bad quality on this one, as I ended up screwing up the paper in frustation and throwing it against a wall. That was a bad day.

 26th August mega post - I didn't actually draw that day, but I did create this on 3D Dot Game Heroes, which is basically the orignal Zelda if you used cubes instead of pixels. You can create your own character with your own keyframes, which was awesome to me. Missing photos - the cape in motion. I will add them later, when I remember to do so. 

 27th August - Male character in armour sketch.

 28th August pt 1 - base colours. This is the second version, the first was done the day previously but i didn't like it. This was done quickly - another bad day. 
 28th August pt 2 - this was actually done before the baove image. Just working out the armour in three dimensions.

 29th August pt1 - New face practise, much better than previous version. 

29th  August pt2 - armour colour

 30th August - Face sketches, profile, over two time periods. Finally getting to the point I like the design - just the right balance of sharp and feminine.

 31st August - Skin and base hair added. 

 1st September- Interestingly, I was on a course when I did this and really should have been paying attention. The woman in charge did spot me doodling, and actually asked for these at the end of the course - these are photos because I don't have the orginal any more.

 1st September pt2 - see above.

 2nd September- same as above, though I still have these.

 2nd September pt2 - more sketches

 3rd September - Samurai Lady.
  4th  September - Female Soldier. Never amounted to more than a sketch.

 4th September pt2 - finsihed it. could have done better with the shading on the face.
 5th September- breif sketch based on Meryl Streep in Ricki and The Flash.

 6th September - chained monster. Nothing else to say.

 7th September - Lego Brick. This is for work. Honestly.

 8th September - I was told to draw a happy face on card, lamniate it and see if it could be cut up. I don't draw happy things (usually).

 8th September pt2 - Train, coal carriage and carriage. The text on the last two got mixed up, and fell out of line whilst being laminated.

 9th September- a car and a teddy bear. I was being rushed with the bear, so it's kinda crappy.

 10th September- drawing of a cute girl. Not a whole lot else to say. 

 11th September - just a small thing. Had I recalled the date, I would have done something suitable. 

And that's a month and a bit of uploads - sorry for the sporadic posts, hopefully I can find a way to work around my schedule and keep these posts more regular.